Does Gamma have a BNS (.btc domain) marketplace?

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About BNS Names

BNS, or Bitcoin Naming System, is Stacks' decentralized identity and human-readable wallet address system. Instead of having to use your alphanumeric wallet address, an address holding a BNS name, such as example.btc, can use this friendly name for sending and receiving NFTs and tokens, and for decentralized profiles like on Gamma, where your BNS name is automatically reserved as your unique profile address, like


Listing considerations for BNS domains

BNS domains are a special kind of NFT that predates even Stacks mainnet itself. While these names have lots of utility and potential, the smart contract used to register and manage names is limited in some ways that makes buying or selling them a bit different from most other NFTs on Gamma.

Most notably, only one of these NFTs can belong to a given address at one time, and the NFT must be held in a smart contract while listed for sale. When you list a BNS domain on Gamma, we generate a single-use smart contract to hold your domain while listed on the marketplace. This allows for a buyer to purchase your NFT in a way that feels familiar.

If you already own a BNS domain at your primary address, you'll see an option to purchase a domain for another account. All things considered, we've tried to make the experience as seamless and friendly as possible to facilitate trading for users.


How can I sell domains on Gamma?

Visit your profile while logged in with a given account. Find the BNS name in your profile, and click List. Define a list price and proceed to deploy the smart contract that will hold your NFT.

Please be mindful that smart contracts require more computational resources on the blockchain, and therefore may have a higher associated network fee than the average list transaction on Gamma. This fee is collected by the miner who secures and confirms your transaction, and not by Gamma. Please be aware that network fees are non-refundable if your transaction fails for any reason.


How can I buy domains on Gamma?

Visit the BNS Names collection by searching for it in the search bar. You can explore the domains listed for sale on the marketplace by sorting and filtering through the provided categories and other attributes.

When you've found one you like, click Buy to prompt the purchase menu. If you don't have a BNS name at the address you've used to explore the marketplace, you can purchase it to the address that is connected. If you already have a BNS name at this address, or if you'd otherwise like to send the name to another address, you can enter an address that will receive the domain when the purchase is completed.


How can I register a new BNS name?

If a particular BNS name has not yet been minted (registered for the first time), you can register it at The price for BNS names is 2 STX for a 5 year registration period. After 5 years, your domain will need to be renewed or it will expire.


What are some common use cases for BNS names?

BNS names have many potential use cases, and new solutions are being built to make use of them all the time. Here are just a few ways you can use your BNS name:

  • Decentralized identity: much like a username, this name can uniquely identify you as an individual or organization. Platforms like Gamma reserve a special page or profile for you that can be accessed using your domain. For example, is a customizable and sharable profile and showcase for your NFT holdings.
  • Accepting NFTs or Funds: on Gamma and other platforms, and within wallets like Xverse mobile walet, you can send and receive NFTs or tokens using your BNS domain associated with your alphanumeric wallet address. This is a much friendlier alternative than having to provide your address each time.
  • As your homepage on the internet: BNS names support custom domains at So, for example, if you own example.btc, you will be able to configure as a proxy for your centralized or decentralized website. While not all browsers support decentralized domains without using a proxy, it's possible to configure some browsers to deliver you to a decentralized website at your .btc domain.




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