How to use combined profiles on Gamma

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About combined profiles

Combined profiles allow you to combine multiple wallets (blockchain addresses) into a single Gamma profile. Whether you have multiple hot wallets, multiple identities, or NFTs spread across Stacks and Ethereum, you’ll be able to merge these addresses and their holdings into a single profile with a single profile URL. Please note Ordinals addresses cannot be combined with Ethereum and Stacks addresses.

Once your profile is combined, you’ll be able to search for or navigate to any of its associated wallets and end up at the same place. Likewise, when you visit a combined profile, you can filter for only one of its associated wallets by clicking its name in the AKA line, or at the top of the filters menu.

This feature is available at

How to set up combined profiles

Combined profiles can be accessed to set up in three different ways:

  1. Visit the profile you’d like to combine wallets into, and click “Link wallets”
  2. Open the main menu in the top right corner of the site, and click “Account”
  3. Connect a Stacks wallet and an Ethereum wallet, and visit one of the profile pages; when you visit the page, you’ll see a “Link ABC…123 to this profile” based on your connected wallets

Using method 3 above, you’ll automatically send a link request to your other wallet, and you will be immediately processed to sign out and back in with the second wallet to accept the request.

For methods 1 and 2 above, follow the instructions on screen to send and accept your link request.


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