How to change the artist address on a Stacks collection

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If you need to change the artist address for your collection, go to your Smart Contract Manager at:

  • Make sure to connect to Gamma with the wallet that owns the collection.
  • Once you've connected your wallet and authenticated, select the collection you'd like to make the change for. This will open the smart contract manager for that collection.
  • Under "Overview" you'll be able to update the artist address, under "Other common functions"Capture_d_e_cran_2023-01-02_a__17.23.22.png
  • Enter the alphanumerical address that you'd like to see reflected on the collection page (if it is attached to a BNS, the BNS will be shown).
  • Click on Set-artist-address and confirm the transaction in your wallet extension.
  • Once the transaction is confirmed in an anchor block, you will see the new artist name on the collection page, just below the collection name.

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