How do I track the status of my ordinal inscription?

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About ordinal inscription tracking

Ordinal inscriptions take time.

Because inscriptions settle onto Bitcoin, and each Bitcoin block occurs every 10 minutes on average, there is a minimum average time you can expect before receiving your inscription. Two sequential transactions must occur:

  1. Your payment must be sent/received for the ordinal inscription
  2. Our servers must broadcast the inscription transaction directly to your ordinal receipt address.

Each of these steps also requires a Bitcoin miner to include your transaction, specifically, in a block. Given 10 minute average block times, the average minimum time you could expect to receive an ordinal inscription — in lab conditions — is roughly 30 minutes.

However, given high network demand and differences in fee rates chosen, it's likely your transaction(s) are not included in the very next block. In reality, an average minimum time to receive an ordinal inscription is likely around 60-90 minutes, though this can vary significantly. It is not unreasonable for a lower fee ordinal inscription to not be received for up to 48 hours. Stated simply once again: ordinal inscriptions take time.

Status codes

Status Description
Payment pending Payment has not yet been sent or cannot yet be detected in the mempool. Send your payment or double check the recipient address.
Payment in progress We’ve detected a payment in the mempool for this address. Once the transaction is confirmed, we’ll confirm the amount and proceed with inscription.
Insufficient payment received The payment amount you sent is not sufficient based on the cost for your order. Do not send additional funds for this order as the payment must be received in a single transaction. Contact support to receive a refund.
Payment received Your payment was received successfully and your inscription is queued for creation.
Inscription in progress Your inscription transaction has been broadcasted to the network. It can sometimes take hours or days to confirm, so be patient.
Completed Your inscription has been confirmed and can now be viewed at the address you provided.
Inscription failed Your inscription has failed. Please contact support to have your inscription re-attempted or refunded. We are working to automate this process.

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