How do I mint an Ordinal on Gamma?

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To mint an Ordinal inscription on Gamma, you will first need to set up your Ordinal compatible wallet

To find Ordinal collections that are currently minting, head over to the top menu in gamma.ioand click Ordinals, then "Minting now". 


This will take you to the Minting Now page, where you'll see two tabs: collections that have recently minted out, and currently minting collections. Click on the collection you'd like to mint from.

You'll notice all collections follow a similar page template, with the collection image and description directly followed by the mint price and mint button when the collection is minting.

Public Sale



You can see in the above screenshot that this collection is in the Public sale stage, meaning anyone can mint from the collection without having been added to a mintpass. If the collection is still in the Mintpass stage, the blue button will say Presale.

Clicking "Check status of prior claims" will open a page that will show you where your collection mint orders are at.

Minting takes just a few steps. First, click the Mint button and a modal will open up. If the collection is in the public sale stage, you'll see the following.


Click "Continue to mint". This new modal opens up.


The refund Bitcoin address will default to the wallet address you're connected with. You can change it to another address — just pay attention to wallet prompts when you copy a BTC address. Leather wallet (formerly Hiro), for example, will remind you that you shouldn't send BTC tokens to your Ordinal inscription address and vice versa.




If you'd like to receive a receipt for your purchase and your tracking URL, enter your email address. 

Then, select the quantity you'd like to mint. Just move the slider. The creator defines how many users can mint when they deploy the collection, so you may be limited here. In this specific example, you could mint more than one.


Scroll down to the payment information section. You can change the network fee rate if you'd like. Then review the summary. This is composed of the mint price defined by the creator, network fees, Gamma service fees, and inscription postage. Postage provides wiggle room so that an inscription can be safely transferred without destroying the inscription. This is done by appending additional "postage" sats to the core inscribed sat.


If you're ready, click "Continue to payment". You can either pay with your connected wallet, or pay with an external wallet.


If you want to pay with an external wallet, select the option at the top of the modal.Capture

Copy the amount and recipient address from the modal to pay with your Bitcoin wallet.

Once you've broadcast the payment, click on Finish, I've paid. You'll see a message at the top of the page telling you your mint is complete. 

On the collection page, if you click on "Check check status of prior claims", you'll see the purchase you just made:


Click on the Status to see its details. 



That's it! When your transaction confirms, you'll be the very first owner of your newly minted Ordinal. If you've changed your mind before payment, simply cancel your order.

Please note claims are not guaranteed. If your transaction confirms after all inscriptions are claimed, your fee will be refunded to your recipient address, or refund address, if provided.

Free mints

With free mints, the process is identical. Click on Mint and check all details. You'll notice below that you can only mint one.


Although the mint is free, meaning the creator defined a 0BTC mint price, buyers will still need to cover network fees, service fees and postage.

When a collection has minted out, you'll see this in its status pill.


If you're buying an Ordinal through the Xverse mobile app, head over to this article for more information!


Gamma does not sponsor or endorse any collection - even those using Gamma to mint their collection. If you are new to NFTs, we recommend reading our article, How to Screen for High-Quality Projects, before proceeding.

For brand new collections, there can sometimes be a small delay from the time you mint your NFT and the time you can list this NFT on the marketplace. There is no imposed delay on your specific NFT, there is just a brief, one-time approval process for brand new collections to ensure user safety. This process is typically just a couple hours following the initial mint release date/time.

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