How do I mint an Ordinal on Gamma?

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To mint an Ordinal inscription on Gamma, you will first need to set up your Ordinal compatible wallet

To find Ordinal collections that are currently minting, head over to the top menu and click Ordinals, then "Minting now". 


This will take you to the Minting Now page, where you'll see two tabs: collections that have recently minted out, and currently minting collections. Click on the collection you'd like to mint from.

You'll notice all collections follow a similar page template, with the collection image and description directly followed by the mint price and mint button when the collection is minting. Under the Mint button, you'll see how many are currently in progress, giving you an idea of your chances of getting one.



Minting takes just a few steps. First, click the Mint button and a modal will open up.


Copy your recipient address from your wallet extension. With Hiro and Xverse, this address will show under Receive, then "Ordinal inscription".  Pay attention to the wallet prompts and messages. Hiro wallet, for example, will remind you that you shouldn't send BTC tokens to your Ordinal inscription address and vice versa.



In the modal, click on "+ Add a refund address" and add the BTC address you'd like your refund to go to if needed.  Once you have entered and double-checked both addresses, select your fee.

Note the lower the fee, the longer it will take for the inscription to complete, and fees cannot be increased after the transaction is broadcast to the network.


Enter your email address if you'd like a receipt.


Review your details. This section shows you the mint price of the inscription, the network fees and Gamma service fees, showing you the total amount for your mint. Agree to the Terms of Use and click claim.


When you've clicked claim, follow the next few steps and send the payment.



Click on "View transaction" to keep an eye on your inscription. 


If you lose this page, you can find it again by going back to the collection page and clicking the "View transaction details" button below the "Mint" button.


That's it! When your transaction confirms, you'll be the very first owner of your newly minted Ordinal. 

Please note claims are not guaranteed. If your transaction confirms after all inscriptions are claimed, your fee will be refunded to your recipient address, or refund address, if provided.


Notice: Gamma does not sponsor or endorse any collection - even those using Gamma to mint their collection. If you are new to NFTs, we recommend reading our article, How to Screen for High-Quality Projects, before proceeding.

For brand new collections, there can sometimes be a small delay from the time you mint your NFT and the time you can list this NFT on the marketplace. There is no imposed delay on your specific NFT, there is just a brief, one-time approval process for brand new collections to ensure user safety. This process is typically just a couple hours following the initial mint release date/time.

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