How does my Ordinals project get verified on Gamma?

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Ordinals collection verification is one way we help inform users as to the likely legitimacy of a project listed on Gamma. It is important to note that Gamma does not endorse or affiliate with any project not explicitly described as such. Presence of verification does not constitute endorsement or affiliation.


Minimum Requirements for Verification

Standard Requirements

    • 1 BTC trading volume on secondary marketplace sales
    • Established collection description and social and/or website links on Gamma collection page (additions and changes may be completed using Manage Collection as a creator).
    • Collection fully minted out, not including bulk inscription collections.

OR, Any One of the Following Special Exceptions to Standard Requirements

    • Collection launched as a direct child project of another verified collection that continues to meet standard requirements.
    • Collection was verified before standard requirements were established and is reasonably close to meeting standard requirements.
    • Other one-time exceptions at Gamma's sole discretion, particularly in cases of notoriety or verifiable association with a verified personality on Twitter or other mediums.

We reserve the right to make changes to our standard requirements and/or special exceptions to the standard requirements at any time. While we will do our best to maintain verification status for collections that met requirements prior to changing our requirements, we may remove verification if collections no longer meet increased requirements.


Requests for Verification

You can request verification by emailing your collection details, with attestation to the fact that all requirements have been met, to We may not respond individually to all inquiries for verification, especially if they do not meet our requirements outlined above.

Verification can, in some cases, be automatically awarded based on a collection's trending status, or notoriety, but this should not be expected as standard practice. Collections may also be verified automatically if it is in the community's best interest, for example, if a fraudulent collection has surfaced that is a clone of a collection that otherwise meets our standard requirements.


Maintenance of Verification

Verification will generally be maintained if there are no meaningful changes to the collection. If changes are made to a collection, or additional information is discovered that determines that the project has or intends to actively harm its users, Gamma, or any other entity, verification may be removed. Verification may also be removed at any time at Gamma's sole discretion, but will generally be maintained for all good faith collections.

Below is a non-exhaustive list including some examples of how collections may lose their verification status:

  • Apparent wash trading, inorganic listings or activity, or other improper activity- or volume-based actions
  • Making false or intentionally misleading claims about the collection, its roadmap, or its partners
  • Unauthorized association or claims of endorsement by Gamma, other projects, individuals, or entities
  • No longer meeting increased verification requirements or maintenance requirements
  • Other reasons at Gamma's sole discretion


Notice Regarding Verified Collections

Verification does not indicate our support nor does it validate a project beyond meeting a specific set of guidelines defined above. It is possible that verified collections are unsafe or illegitimate, and we encourage our community to notify us of such behavior so we can take appropriate actions to unverify and/or prevent these inscriptions from being listed or traded on our platform.

Regardless of whether verification suggests the safety or approval of such a collection, users are always encouraged to do their own research and only make purchases of assets they fully trust. Due to the decentralized nature of Bitcoin inscriptions and transactions, Gamma is unable to refund or cancel transactions made for any Ordinal inscription, including those that are verified.

Users should only mint or purchase Ordinal inscriptions with the expectation that there may be no liquid market or any buyer willing to repurchase the inscription for any amount of money.


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