How can I find the inscription order URL associated with my payment transaction?

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When minting or inscribing an ordinal, you have the option to enter your email address, which will enable you to receive the tracking URL for your order. If you entered your email address but did not receive the email notification, please check your spam folder.


If you didn't enter your email address, no worries! You can still retrieve your tracking URL. Simply copy the gamma deposit address to which you sent the funds and append it to this URL: `<DEPOSIT_ADDRESS>`


To find the gamma deposit address, navigate to your Bitcoin wallet where you initiated the payment transfer, and access the transaction history. From there, click on the transaction, which will automatically open the bitcoin explorer. You will then be able to see the gamma deposit address.


We suggest you bookmark your Gamma tracking URL. You can track how your inscription is coming along by using the information from this article.

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