How can I manage my creator royalties on my Ordinals collection?

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At Gamma, we put creators first, which means we want to give you as much control on your collections as we can. 

With the Ordinal collection manager, creators will be able to update their information, payment details, and royalties. 

Let's take a look at the steps you'll need to take to update your royalties. Please note this can be done after you've deployed your collection.

  1. Go to and click "Connect wallet". Your alphanumeric address will appear.
  2. Click on the hamburger menu and select "Manage collections". This will prompt you to sign a message.
  3. Once you've signed the message, go to "Manage collections" again.
  4. Click on the collection you'd like to make amendments for.
  5. Navigate to the Payment tab and update your royalty percentage.
  6. Click save and you're all set! 

Please note that royalties considered "too high" by the community may discourage secondary trading of the ordinals, or may encourage private trading to circumvent royalty payments, which is a potentially dangerous activity that leaves users more susceptible to scams and other mistakes.

Changing your royalty percentage only affects future listings. Currently listed items will keep the royalty percentage that was set at the time of listing.

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