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Gamma puts creators first, so it only makes sense that creators and artists can manage the collections deployed through Gamma's launchpad. 

Let's take a closer look at how to manage your Ordinals collection. You can also watch this step by step video guide.

Getting to the Manage collections page

First, you will need to connect your wallet to Gamma. Click the connect button in the top right corner, and select the wallet you'd like to use. 

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Choose the account you want to connect to Gamma. Make sure it's the account you used to deploy your collection.


You'll know you're connected because your alphanumeric address will show in the pill in the top right corner. Click on the hamburger menu and select "Manage collections". 


You will be prompted to sign a message. This allows you to authenticate yourself as the owner of the selected wallet.

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Click "Sign". Then, click on the hamburger menu and "Manage collections" again. 


You will be taken to the Manage page, where you'll see all the collections you deployed using Gamma. Select the collection you want to manage.



Manage your mint

Once you've clicked on the collection you want to manage, you'll be taken to the Mint tab. 

Here, you can see the status of your collection, pending or approved, and update your mint stage. You can edit the mint price and update the max mints per address at any time during the mint. For unlimited mints, set the maximum amount to 0. Click Save.


If you didn't add a mintpass file on deployment, you will only see the "Paused" and "Public" mint stages.

Prior to minting, you can update your mintpasses. This means if the mint stage is still "Paused", you can still update the CSV. Once the mint has started, you can no longer update it.


Click save. The Presale button will now appear. 


Below the Mintpass section of the page, you will see Expected price options. These include the mint fee, the inscription fee, and Gamma's service fee. Creators do not pay upfront, and buyers pay for the inscription when they mint it. These expected price options will be for the exact point in time you're looking at them, and may change as network congestion evolves.


Edit your details

Under the Details tab, you'll be able to update your collection description, website link, twitter handle, and discord. The more information you provide your collectors, the more they can learn about your project and you as a creator. 


Edit your payment details

In this section, you'll be able to edit your BTC address. This is the address where you will receive payments for mints and secondary sales royalties.

You can also edit your royalty percentage here. 





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