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Capture d’écran 2023-08-24 à 14.45.34.pngWhat are Prints? 

Prints are digital collectibles that leverage recursive inscriptions and allow artists to produce and share their work in a cost-effective way on Bitcoin. Collectors can support their favorite artists and discover new ones through the dedicated Prints page. While Prints share many characteristics of editions, our platform and immersive browsing experience set them apart. We've built a completely bespoke discovery and exploration experience that allows us to mimic a real life experience of stumbling upon hidden gems.

How can I purchase a Print?

You can access the Prints discovery page by clicking Prints in the top menu. You'll be taken to the default view on the Prints page. Click the square icons to switch from individual view to grid view, and on Explore to apply filters to your search. 

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Use the Explore button to apply filters to your search, and filter Prints using many metrics. Click more on the right side to see more available filters. All of these can be mixed and matched! When you create a specific filter combination, the URL bar updates so you can bookmark or share a specific feed. When you connect your wallet, you can now view a filtered feed of only the Prints you own.

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Clicking Trending artists on the left lets you filter with popular tags. The Trending artists and Popular tags rankings live update as collectors buy and trade Prints, so you can always keep tabs on up and coming artists and their releases.

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Clicking All filters lets you select the sale stage and type of edition.

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The number of selected filters will be reflected in the "All filters" pill as well as the Explore pill when this menu is closed.

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On the right of the Print page, you can see if the print is an Open edition print or a Limited edition print. This will also show you how many have been sold and how many are left, and if they're trading on the secondary market.

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Some sales can be limited in time. In such cases, you'll see the indication of when it starts, and when it will end, right above the limited or open edition pill. As you can see, minting is disabled as long as the sale hasn't started.

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In the case of a Presale you don't have access to, you'll see the following and the mint button will say "Presale only".

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Click Get access to see which prints you'll need to purchase in order to be a part of the Presale. Clicking Quick buy will prompt your wallet.

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Clicking on the artist name will take you to their profile. There, you can look at their 'Created prints tab, and see if you'd like to collect other prints they created.

When you find a print you like, simply click the 'Buy' button on the right and your wallet will prompt you. The price above the buy button is the amount the artist set for their print, and you'll see the total amount (which includes services fees and transaction fees) right under the buy button. 

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Sign the message to complete the transaction and you're done! As soon as your purchase is confirmed, you'll see your print under your collected tab on your profile. The print page will also show you that your purchase is pending. 

When navigating the Prints discovery page, you'll see a pill indicating 'You own this' on prints you've purchased. You can still buy another!

When you access the Print through your collected tab, you'll see a "You own this" pill as well as a "Print" pill, and enter the immersive view from there.

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If you access a Print page through the homepage, under Top Prints and Recent Prints, you'll be taken to the individual Print page. To see more, click "View more prints" in the top right corner. 

Below a print's description, you'll see two buttons: Share and Original. Clicking share will copy the share link to your clipboard. Clicking Original will take you to the original inscription page, i.e. the inscription that the Prints were created from.

How can I see more of the artist's work?

On the left, click on Details. You'll see the Print description, more prints by the artist, a "Meet the artist section with direct links to their twitter account and website, as well as the tags used for the Print.

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You can also click on the artist's name to go to their profile and discover more of their work. You'll find their art under 'Created Prints' on their profile. 

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You will also be able to select "Prints by" as a sorting option in your collected tab, so you can decide to see only one specific artist's work there.


Buying a print on the secondary market

Once a sale has ended, Prints can be traded on the secondary market. When that's the case, the top pill will show the number of listings. You'll see the lowest priced Print in this view and can directly click "Buy". 

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If you'd like to look at the other listings for this print (for example, if you'd like to purchase a specific edition number), simply click on the number of listings in the pill. 

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From there, simply click "Buy now" for the listing you'd like (you could want #1!). Once you've clicked Buy now, follow the steps in the modal. 

If you don't have enough funds in your wallet, you'll see the following: 

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How to list a Print on the secondary market

We want to make sure Creators have full control over their work, so they can enable trading on the secondary market on their own terms. 

If a Print is available for trading on the secondary market, you'll see a "List" button on said Print in your "Collected" tab when you hover over it. Simply click that button and follow the steps.

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Like for other Ordinals, creating a listing is free but unlisting requires payment of network fees to miners. Read more about this here.

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If the Print is an open edition, you'll see "Not yet tradeable". Please note secondary sales cannot be enabled for open editions that haven't been closed, and once an edition has been closed, it can't be reopened.


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