How do I set up a Leather wallet to use on Gamma?

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Leather (formerly Hiro) is compatible both with Bitcoin and Stacks. 

Download the browser extension

To install Leather, go to and click "Install Leather now". You'll be able to select either the browser extension or the desktop app.

Since the browser extension offers more features as you can see below, that is what we'll do for this article. 

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Simply select your browser at the top of the page and follow the steps to install the extension.

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Once the extension is installed, you will be able to either create a new wallet or restore a wallet you already own and have the secret key for. 

If you already have a wallet, click "Sign in with secret key" below the Create new wallet button. Enter your secret key to restore your wallet. 

If you're creating your first wallet, click "Create new wallet" and backup your secret key. You should do this in a secure way, making sure it is offline and off your computer. Your secret key will allow you to access your wallet from other devices or to restore your wallet. Next, create a password and make sure it is very secure, as your wallet is where you'll be keeping your funds and assets. Well done, you've created your wallet! 

You now have a few options, to add funds, explore apps and buy an NFT (you'll need funds). 

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You can close this page. Now, you'll see your extension in your browser. Feel free to pin it for easier access! 

You'll see your funds (Bitcoin and Stacks) and your Collectibles if you already have some in that wallet.

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Click "Receive" to see your Bitcoin address, your Stacks address, your Ordinals address, and more. Check out this article for more information about different Bitcoin address types! 

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You're all set! You can also watch this step by step video on how to set up your Leather wallet.

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