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As a Prints creator, you now have the ability to manage your collection after you've launched it. To apply for the Gamma Partner Program and get access to creating Prints, fill out this form.

Access your collection manager

First, connect your wallet to Gamma. Make sure it's the wallet you used to create your Prints. Then, click on the hamburger menu and "Creator Management". If you haven't already authenticated, you'll be prompted to sign a message, then you'll need to click creator management again.

Under Manage, go to the Prints tab.

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Click on the Print you want to manage.

Manage Sale Settings

In this section, you'll be able to change the mint price, end your sale and/or schedule its start and end date. This is also where you'll find all information relative to your Presale if you set one up.

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You can update these at any time, but note that once you've closed an edition, it cannot be reopened.

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When the sale has ended, you won't be able to modify anything in this section.

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Manage the Print details

Under the Details tab, you'll be able to update the Print name and description. Don't forget to click save!

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Manage your payment and royalties

In the Payment tab, you'll be able to update your Bitcoin payment address (where you receive the funds from your sales) as well as your royalties for sales on the secondary market. 

Royalties are set by default to 5%, and can be updated to anything between 0 and 10%.

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Please note that editing your royalty percentage will only affect future listings. Currently listed Prints will keep the royalty amount that was set at the time of listing.

Manage "Utilities"

The "Airdrop" tab in the previous screenshots is now named "Utilities". Under this tab, you'll find an Export section and an Airdrop section. 

With Export, you'll be able to download a list of your print holders. 

Capture d’écran 2023-10-26 à 10.54.24.png

Creators can airdrop a print to any BTC address they see fit. Make sure it's an Ordinal recipient address (and not a BTC payment address). For more information on how to tell the difference, head over to this article. You'll need to airdrop them one at a time. Please note you'll still need to cover transaction fees.

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