How to create an Ordinals Editions collection mint

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Through recursive inscriptions, creators can launch Editions collections on Gamma. This feature is open to all creators. Once the collection mint is live, collectors mint a recursive edition based on the initial inscription. Note that the network fee for this process is low for the minter, as the file size of recursive inscriptions (which point to the original asset) is minimal. 

Create your original inscription

Since an Editions collection leverages recursive inscriptions to generate editions of one piece, the original piece must first be inscribed. To do this, creators will first need to inscribe the original piece by following the regular inscription flow


Create your Editions collection

Once the creator has inscribed the original file and has it in their wallet, they are ready for the next step. 

Click Create in the top nav, then click Create collection mint and Continue.

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Enter the details of your collection. The creator bitcoin address will default to your connected wallet bitcoin payment address, so make sure you're connected with the right one.

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On the next page, select Editions, then enter the artwork inscription ID of your original piece. This is the alphanumeric thread you can find in the url of your inscription. You'll see a preview of the inscription associated to the ID. 

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Next up, select unlimited or limited edition. With unlimited mints, the supply isn't capped until mint is closed. With limited editions, you can define the maximum quantity of items that can be sold.

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Then, finish setting up your mint with the price and maximum mints per address, etc. Once you're done here, move on to the last step to review your collection.

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