Are extra network fees needed to secure my item during an active mint?

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Network fees can help result in, but do not guarantee, a successful purchase. That said, excessive fees are likely unnecessary in securing an item during active mints.

If you wish to use higher fees, consider adjusting your payment network fee rate so your payment is received by Gamma efficiently (this is chosen on the very last step before prompting your wallet).


How network fees work on Gamma's mints

There are two fees involved in the creation of a new inscription (a mint) on Gamma:

  1. Inscription network fee rate: This is the fee paid to actually create the inscription onchain. Since these inscriptions can sometimes contain a lot of data, overpaying for this step is both costly and unnecessary. We'll explain why in the next section.
  2. Payment network fee rate: This is the fee paid to deliver your Bitcoin to Gamma, so Gamma can create and deliver your inscription. This is a small transaction not containing any extra data onchain, so it is much less costly to adjust fees during an active mint.


How fees impact a successful purchase

When you mint an item, the most important step is your payment arriving to Gamma. Once your payment arrives to Gamma, we'll near-instantly reserve an item for you from the remaining supply and broadcast your inscription transaction at your selected inscription network fee rate, which can be less than your payment fee rate.

Once your item is broadcast to the network, even extended delays (unusual) will not impact the final delivery of your item — it is reserved specifically for you and cannot be frontrun by other minters.


Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 9.30.27 AM.png

The label for Payment fee rate which is the most important fee in reserving an item during an active mint. It is the final step in the mint drawer before prompting to Pay with wallet.


What if my payment does not arrive to Gamma in time?

If your payment transaction does not arrive to Gamma before the collection's supply mints out, then your mint funds will be automatically refunded to you.

We'll use your payment UTXO to send the payment back to you, so a small portion of your original payment will be paid to the network to return your mint payment — Gamma takes no portion of this payment.

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