What are the fees involved in launching a Bitcoin Ordinal Collection mint on Gamma?

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Launching a collection on Gamma is free and doesn't require any coding skills. 

During the mint, Gamma keeps 10% of the mint cost. In other words, if the creator charges $10 per piece, Gamma will take $1 and the creator will receive $9. 

In addition, creator royalties are defaulted to 1.5% for secondary trading on Gamma only. The royalty percentage can be adjusted and set to anything between 0 and 10% by the creator at any given time, using their creator's management page.

Collectors are responsible for paying the inscription cost and other fees associated with inscribing the assets.

Please note that with editions, where each edition references an original asset by leveraging recursive inscriptions, creators must cover the initial inscription cost.


Mint price breakdown for Collectors (Buyers):

Mint price - This is the creator's desired cost for minting.

Network fees - This is the inscription cost* based on the current network fee in sat/vB and the size of the assets.

Service fees - Gamma service fee which is fixed to 7500 Sats per mint  

Inscription postage - Fixed to 546 Sats. This ensures that the ordinal “a single sat” is returned to the minter as part of their ordinal. This ensures they always have enough “postage” to send the ordinal around.


*How can I calculate the cost of an inscription? Please refer to this article for more information


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