How to set up your OKX wallet

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Getting started on the Web

You can select Wallet on the OKX website to Connect wallet, and download the extension from Google Chrome Webstore.

Getting started on the App

Open the OKX official website, and Download App. You can also search OKX on the App store or Google play.

In this article we’ll do the setup using the browser extension.


  1. Choose "I don't have a wallet" and then select either "Seed phrase" or "Hardware wallet" to create one. Remember, if you're using a hardware wallet, make sure it's connected before creating your wallet.

  2. Create a password to safeguard your privacy, then hit Confirm to finish setting up your wallet.
  3. Choose "Back up now" to see your seed phrase and store it securely without sharing it with anyone.

  4. Finally, after writing down the seed phrase, select "I've backed up" to verify your seed phrase and complete the backup.
    You'll see your funds (Bitcoin and other chains) and your Collectibles if you already have some in that wallet.
  5. Click "Receive" and select "Bitcoin" to see your Bitcoin addresses and your Taproot address (Ordinal). 


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