How to set up your Phantom wallet

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You can start using Bitcoin Ordinals on Phantom by importing your existing Bitcoin wallet or creating a new one. Here's how:

In this article we’ll do the setup using the browser extension.

To get started, you can download Phantom wallet here.

  1. Open the extension by clicking the Phantom icon on the extension menu.

  2. Choose "Create a new wallet" and create a password for your wallet.

  3. After writing down the seed phrase, select "continue" to complete the setup.

  4. By default, the Taproot address (Ordinal address) isn't enabled when you create your wallet. To enable it, please follow these steps:
    Step 1: Open your Phantom wallet on mobile or browser

    Step 2: Go to ‘Settings’

    Step 3: Select ‘Preferences’

    Step 4: Select ‘Preferred Bitcoin Address’

    Step 5: Toggle ‘Taproot’ on
    Once you do this, both Native SegWit and Taproot will be enabled in Phantom. You can adjust your address preferences any time in settings.

  5. Click "Receive" and select "Bitcoin" to see your Native SegWit and Taproot address.
    You use a Native SegWit (bc1q) address for payments and a Taproot address (bc1p) for storing your Ordinals.



Gamma will automatically detect your extension address configuration. 

  • If you set Taproot only, both cardinal and inscription address will use Taproot. 
  • If you set Segwit only, both cardinal and inscription address will use Segwit. 
  • If you set both, cardinal will use Segwit and inscription address will use Taproot.

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