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How can I get started buying NFTs on Gamma?

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Buying your first NFT might sound intimidating, but it can be an exciting experience, too! If you’re new to NFTs on Stacks and Bitcoin, you may need to follow a couple of steps to first obtain Stacks (STX) cryptocurrency, which is used to purchase NFTs on Gamma.

Most simply put, you need to connect a supported digital wallet browser extension to Gamma and allow usage of your wallet’s cryptocurrency for the purchase of an NFT.

While we have no explicit affiliation with Hiro, we recommend using the Hiro wallet extension for the best experience. You can download the Hiro wallet at

To view the options where you can acquire STXs token to fund your wallet, please see the list at  Please note - different parts of the world have different regulations so not all of the options may be available for you in your location.

You can learn more and follow a few short steps on this blog post.

This video is also a helpful, short guide to buying NFTs on our platform.

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