How do I mint a Stacks NFT on Gamma?

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Once you have your digital wallet browser extension setup, minting an NFT is a straightforward process. If you're completely new to the ecosystem, it may take a couple of extra steps to get going. We recommend reading this knowledgebase article for these steps.

Collections all follow a similar page template: an introductory heading on the collection followed immediately by the mint price and mint button. Minting takes just a couple of clicks:

  1. Connect with the wallet and account you'd like to use when minting your NFT. You can do this by clicking on the connect button in the top right corner of the screen, or by selecting your preferred account on the prompt when clicking the mint button. If you're already logged in to an account, make sure it's the right one by reviewing the top heading of the mint transaction prompt.
  2. Review the mint transaction prompt and click Confirm. If you'd like to adjust network fees when minting NFTs, you can do so towards the bottom of this prompt.
  3. Your NFT will be minted at the next block, which usually occurs between 5-15 minutes from the time of submission. You can learn more about block confirmation times here.

That's it! When your transaction confirms, you'll be the very first owner of your newly minted NFT and you'll be able to view your NFT under the "Collected" tab on your profile.

Please note that for brand new collections, there can sometimes be a small delay from the time you mint your NFT and the time you can list this NFT on the marketplace. There is no imposed delay on your specific NFT, there is just a brief, one-time approval process for brand new collections to ensure user safety. This process is typically just a couple hours following the initial mint release date/time.


We've also put together this short video guide on how to mint on Gamma

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