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How does selling NFTs on Gamma work?

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Our marketplace is designed to connect buyers and sellers of Bitcoin NFTs. For NFTs, there are two kinds of sales that we support.

The first type is the initial sale, or mint, of your own collection of unique digital works. You can learn more about listing your collection for mint in our Help Center.

The second type is secondary marketplace sales, which represent the majority of sales on the marketplace. This type of sale is trading cryptocurrency in exchange for another user’s NFT.

Each sale includes the artist's royalties (a percentage which varies depending on the artist and collection) as well as the marketplace commission. These are shown in a pop-up when you list an NFT, letting you know the total amount you'll receive upon sale (listing amount minus artist royalties and market fees).

Because the sale and transfer of NFTs on our marketplace is secured by Bitcoin, buying and selling NFTs securely and indisputably transfers ownership.



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