What does it mean to be a verified collection?

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About Collection Verification

A blue checkmark on a collection means that it has been verified by Gamma.

Generally speaking, to become eligible for verification, you need to be a notable project with a meaningful following. There are some exceptions to the standard requirements for some collections where we believe verifying a collection is in the best interest of our users. You can learn more about verification here.

Whether a collection gets verified on our platform is up to Gamma's discretion. The following guidelines are meant to give our users an understanding of our core principles, but they don’t fully outline all of our requirements and policies.  We'll always make the decision we believe is best for our users and our ecosystem, based on the most reliable information we can source.


Eligible Collections

Before we review a submitted collection for verification, we require a specific set of requirements to be fulfilled. For Ordinals collections, head over to this article. For Stacks collections, please check these requirements.


Notice Regarding Verified Collections

Verification does not indicate our support nor does it validate a project beyond meeting a specific set of guidelines defined above. It is possible that verified collections are unsafe or illegitimate, and we encourage our community to notify us of such behavior so we can take appropriate actions to unverify and/or prevent these NFTs from being listed or traded on our platform.

Regardless of whether verification suggests the safety or approval of such collection, users are always encouraged to do their own research and only make purchases of assets they fully trust. Due to the decentralized nature of NFTs and smart contracts, Gamma is unable to refund or cancel transactions made for any NFT, including those that are verified.

Users should only mint or purchase NFTs with the expectation that there may be no liquid market or any buyer willing to repurchase the NFT for any amount of money.


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