What does "Cannot be listed" mean on an NFT?

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About "Cannot be listed"

While the majority of NFTs you see on our platform will be eligible to be listed, you may encounter some NFTs on your profile that cannot be listed. While you can always send your NFT (i.e. transfer it to another wallet), you may see "Cannot be listed" in place of where the List button would otherwise be.




It is important to note that while some NFTs are unable to be listed on gamma.io, this does not mean that you can't list them on other marketplaces, pending their approval. It also doesn't preclude you from performing other actions that the collection provides, for example, if an NFT has a utility beyond its art.


Reasons NFTs Cannot Be Listed

There are a few reasons NFTs are unable to be listed, and it's most commonly a temporary status. Here are the most common reasons that NFTs are marked "Cannot be listed":

  1. The collection is new (most common): When a collection is new, it's possible that the NFT has simply not yet been vetted by our team as part of our standard process for all NFT collections. Before collections may be listed, we review the smart contract for user safety and we add the creator royalty commission that is applied when NFTs are listed. If we haven't yet reviewed the smart contract or we haven't yet received confirmation from the creator in terms of the royalty they would like applied to their NFTs, the NFTs may be left in this state briefly. In these cases, the best course of action is to reach out to the creator directly and have them request their NFTs be approved for listing.
  2. The collection is not allowed to be listed (uncommon): If the NFT collection is found to pose an active risk to harm or mislead users or if it is found to infringe on another's copyright or intellectual property, we may prevent the collection's NFTs from being listed. This is a last resort option and only occurs when it is in the best interest of user safety or legal requirements. Please note that if an NFT cannot be listed on our platform, this does not preclude your continued holding, transfer, or usage of outside our platform.
  3. The collection is not supported by our marketplace (uncommon): While we make every effort to display all NFTs in your wallet, there could be rare cases where the creator did not include standard functions to list and trade your NFT. In these cases, it's possible your NFT is not listable by any standard method.

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