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Which digital cryptocurrency wallets do you support?

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Your digital wallet is responsible for submitting transactions on your behalf, so it is required in order to use our services to connect, mint, buy, sell, or transfer NFTs on our platform. Gamma does not directly process transactions on your behalf, we only prompt your wallet with the administrative information needed to complete your transaction. Crypto wallets keep your private keys (the passwords that give you access to your cryptocurrencies and assets) safe and accessible.


Stacks Wallets (for Bitcoin-secured NFTs)

At the time of writing, we support the Hiro digital wallet browser extension and the Xverse mobile wallet. You can download the Hiro extension here.


Download the Xverse mobile app for either your iOS or Android mobile device at their respective app stores:
Apple App Store here
Google Play App Store here

Please note that while we recommend using Hiro wallet and/or Xverse, we are not explicitly affiliated with either company or their products. If you experience any issues or have questions on how to use either, please contact their support teams via their websites.

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