How can I check what my Stacks collection's artist's royalties are set to?

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  1. Go to
  2. Click on Connect Stacks Wallet and log in with the STX address that deployed the collection you are looking up
  3. Click on Manage

  4. Click on the collection title you are looking up

  5. Make sure the "Read only" toggle is active. Click on the get-royalty-percent link in the bottom left corner


  6. Click on get-royalty-percent button. This pulls up the current royalty set for this collection's smart contract.  Result: 500 implies a 5% commission for all secondary sales on the marketplace (1000 would be 10%).Capture_d_e_cran_2023-03-23_a__15.11.40.png


Notice regarding custodial and non-custodial listings

For custodial listings

Once the smart contract for a collection has been deployed and confirmed in an anchor block on the Stacks blockchain, the minting of its NFTs can begin. If a creator has opted to mint their NFTs using Gamma's minting platform, they'll also need to wait for their collection to be reviewed before minting can begin on the platform.
Minting an NFT calls on a creator's smart contract to send the minter an NFT from your collection.  As soon as the creator would like their collection enabled to be listed for sale on the secondary marketplace, they may send a support ticket by emailing with the link to their mint page or marketplace page for the collection they want enabled for listing. Creator royalties default to 5% but may be requested to be a different amount.

Notice Regarding Custodial Listings: The process outlined in this section applies to custodial trading. This process applies when listed NFTs are held in escrow by Gamma, or, in custody by Gamma. Gamma applies royalty payments when purchasing occurs through this method.

For non-custodial listings

For contracts using non-custodial marketplace listings, the creator defines royalties themselves via the contract's marketplace royalty commission traits.

The Gamma Create Portal now only deploys non-custodial contracts, giving Creators the ability to modify their royalties themselves, using the smart contract manager.

Contracts deployed using Gamma's Create Portal support non-custodial listings from a technical perspective, but Gamma does not currently support listings in this manner. In the future, Gamma will upgrade its marketplace to support non-custodial listings by default, at which point these contract functions will become active.


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