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Would you like to purchase an NFT from a collection, but none of them are listed or at a price that suits you? Or maybe you're interested in one particular NFT that isn't for sale? 

Good news! On Gamma, you can make offers on collections or individual NFTs. Please note this feature is currently only available for Stacks NFTs.

Making an offer

Collection offers

Collection offers can be accepted by any owner of one of the collection's NFTs, regardless of which traits their NFT has. In other words: if your offer is accepted, you don't get to choose which NFT you get. 

If you own an NFT from that collection, you'll be able to accept a collection offer.


When you click Make collection offer, you'll be prompted to enter a price, how long your offer should stand for and a message.



Individual NFT offers

If you'd like to make an offer on a specific NFT, go to that NFT's page and click Make an offer. As with the collection offer, you'll need to enter some information in order to proceed.


You can also watch this short video guide for more information on how to make offers.


Current offers and offer history

On a collection page

If you'd like to see the current offers on a collection, simply click on the Offers tab on the collection page. You can also toggle Show past offers to get an overview of all the collection offers that were made prior. 


On an NFT page

You'll see the Offers section under the NFT's general information. You can toggle the Show collection offers button to hide or show them. If you hide collection offers, you'll only see the offers on that specific NFT. 



On someone's profile page

If you go to someone's profile, you can see current (and past) offers this user has received and made. Simply click the tab you're interested in.  Capture_d_e_cran_2022-08-24_a__18.24.01.png

If you own an NFT from one of the collection offers you can see in the list, you'll be able to accept it from there. 


On your own profile page

When you've connected your wallet, you'll see Offers in the menu at the top of the page.  


When you click on Offers, you'll be taken to your profile page, directly on the offers received tab. You'll be able to accept offers from there.



Accepting and withdrawing offers

For more information on accepting offers, you can check out this video guide.

If you'd like to withdraw an offer you made for any reason, check out this video.

If your offer expired or you were outbid, and you'd like to withdraw your funds, check out this article for instructions on how to retrieve them.

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