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Is there an NFT you particularly like, but don't want to purchase or make an offer on right away?

The favorites feature is an easy way to keep track, and find NFTs you love later on. The only thing you need is to connect your wallet to Gamma. Please note this feature is currently only available on, and not for Ordinals, if there's an Ordinal you love, we suggest you bookmark it!

Adding NFTs to your favorites

On the collection page, simply hover over the NFT card to prompt the heart button to appear. When the heart is white, it's been added to your favorites.



On an individual NFT page, simply click the Favorite button right below the NFT and the button will reflect it.



Finding your favorite NFTs

When your wallet is connected, click the menu icon in the top right corner of the page.


This will open the following menu. Click on Favorites.


You'll be taken to your favorites page where you can see all favorited NFTs as well as the activity associated with them. If you'd like to remove an NFT from your favorites, you can do so on this page: simply hover over the NFT card and click the heart. 

Tip: Favorite your listings in your hot wallet, then check your favorites feed to keep track of sales!


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