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Please reply with any of your recommendations for BNS marketplace categories/traits expansion.


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    We're excited to announce a significant expansion of BNS name attributes based on community feedback and learnings from our launch. Below is our complete list of changes:

    • Fix: filters for consonants do not always return the correct values

    • Fix: modify “Gigachads” to only require ending with "chad" and not that it must contain "gigachad"

    • Add: Create “Number/Letter Clubs” category

    • Add: 520 Club: two characters, one is a number, one is a letter
    • Add: One Character Club: length of 1, letters or numbers only

    • Add: Two Character Club: length of 2, letters or numbers only

    • Add: Three Character Club: length of 3, letters or numbers only

    • Add: Create “Date/Time” category

    • Add: Long Dates: January1st, January2nd, January3rd….

    • Add: Short Dates: Jan1, Jan2, Jan3…

    • Add: Digit Dates (MMDD): 1231

    • Add: Digit Dates (DDMM): 3112

    • Add: Timekeepers: 06h34, 17h59m

    • Add: Add 4 Letter Airport Codes

    • Fix: Replace “Single Letter Club” with “One Letter Club”

    • Fix: Replace “Double Letter Club” with “Two Letter Club”

    • Add: Add “Three Letter Club”

    • Add: Add “NATO Phonetic Alphabet” alpha, bravo, charlie…

    • Add: Add “Greek Alphabet” alpha, beta, gamma…

    • Fix: Replace “Single Digit Club” with “One Digit Club”

    • Fix: Replace “Double Digit Club” with “Two Digit Club”

    • Fix: Replace “Negative Single Digit Club” with “Negative One Digit Club”

    • Fix: Replace “Negative Double Digit Club” with “Negative Two Digit Club”

    • Add: Add “Palindrome Clubs”

    • Add: 3 Letter Palindromes

    • Add: 3 Digit Palindromes

    • Add: 4 Letter Palindromes

    • Add: 4 Digit Palindromes

    • Add: 5 Letter Palindromes

    • Add: 5 Digit Palindromes

    • Add: "Punycode" attribute type
    • Add: "Punycode Length" attribute type (1, 2, 3, 4, 5+)
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    Jason Warren

    3 letters
    Crypto native- includes words like satoshi, crypto, web3,dapp, defi, nft etc

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    Wen Bitcoin Lore - 256.btc, pow,btc, 21million.btc, 21000000.btc, asic.btc etc...

    Wen 24hr clock...

    Maybe keyword ranking similar to Unstoppable may help for some kind of cost estimation tool...side project maybe.

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    Mike T

    3 letter palindromes (451 total) 

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    Refugio Elliott

    I hope to add 0x999 club, I think ETH holders will like it

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    Can you all add a tab for the 365 Club (365 total)? It's exclusive and represents each day of the year: January1st.btc, January2nd.btc, etc.   Thanks! 

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    Reported for Fix: gigachad trait should include any “chad” not just “gigachad”

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    How about the NATO phonetic alphabet. Used globally in telecommunications and only 26 words.

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    Mario Reinhold

    Underscore 2D and 3D club please


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