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Arno from Earth

Having a tool to sort the auction page would be a great idea I think. Something like Gamma already has for collections but then so you can sort from old to new auction or a large number of blocks remain until the auction ends to low number of blocks remain or something of sorts.

Thanks <3


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    We're happy to share that our auctions page now allows you to filter for auctions by status

    • In Progress: Blocks remaining, highest bid, lowest bid
    • Reserve Not Met: Most recently listed, highest reserve price, lowest reserve price
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    Brett Herskope

    Hi Arno,

    Thank you for the feedback. It is very much appreciated.

    We are working on porting the create site to the main site. Then we will be working on the UI and UX of the auctions page more as you have mentioned.

    It is so helpful to see what the community wants. This has been logged internally. But, as always, feel free to share the fact that the community can come here, make requests, but also follow, comment and vote on yours and others.



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    Arno from Earth

    The new filter options for the auction page are very nice, thanks Gamma!!


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