Extension on Auctions

When a bid is placed on an auction within the last block, then auction itself is extended by 1 block/10 minutes.


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    We're working on several improvements to the way auctions work and we'll definitely consider this too. Can you share any feedback as to how you'd expect this to work?

    For example:

    • Is there some minimum incremental bid amount that will allow the auction to be extended?
    • Is there a limit to the number of times it can be extended?
    • Would you expect these options to be customizable per auction or would this become confusing/overwhelming?

    Any insight or perspective would be appreciated!

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    I wouldn't say a minimum bid amount above the current bid. But some may want it. Possibly a limit on how many times, but unlimited would be good. Also customizable for different auctions would be good to give people a chance to try the options.


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