Implement filters in profile and activity view

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I have a lot of Megapont's components, and when I want to sell/transfer one specifically it's so hard, you can check how hard it is to navigate in the profile of someone with lot of NFTs in the same collection: I'm sure in plenty other cases it would be really useful to have more filtering options in profile view, at least filter by attribute like in Market view

In activity view, that's the same. Currently no filtering is available. At least we should be able to display/hide different events (Listing, Sale, Unlisting etc...) like on OpenSea. It would be also useful to be able to filter by attribute to see for example "Last green Megapont Apes sold". I wouldn't say this enhancement is priority though because it's possible to have same results directly in Market view (in my example it would be filter by green attribute then sort by recently sold). But if you think about it Activity and Market view are already basically the same, Market view in list mode with a theorical "Sort by: Last Activity" would be exactly the same as current Activity view


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