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Introducing Discord bots for creators, free to all, forever.

About Discord bots

We've been hard at work focusing on creating fun, engaging, easy-to-use Discord bots for any creator to add to their Discord community. Our bots can be added and configured in minutes and have no ongoing costs or maintenance.


Core functionality

Watch events from any collection(s) within one or across multiple Discord channels:

  • Purchase activity across all marketplaces
  • Listings and unlistings activity across all marketplaces
  • Live bids and live auctions activity on Gamma
  • Offers, offer messages, and collection offers on Gamma
  • DAO activity (for StackerDAO-based contracts)
  • Stacks blocks (block height, times, and a summary of NFT-related events)

Engage your community with pre-built and customizable social elements

  • BNS support to look up .btc names for all addresses in bot messages (e.g. stacks.btc)
  • Notifications link to users' Gamma profiles where users can set custom NFT profile pictures, bios, social links, and more
  • Custom messages placed with offers will be displayed with notifications
  • Custom bot name (e.g. 'Gamma Bot' can be changed to 'Your Collection Bot')

Connecting Discord communities with Stacks addresses and Gamma profiles

  • Self-guided flow to link a user's Discord account with their Stacks addresses
  • NFT ownership verification and automatic role assignment (e.g. for channel access)
      • Based on holdings from a given collection
      • Based on holding >n number of NFTs from a given collection


Installation and configuration

Instructions to install and configure your Discord bot can be found here.


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