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We're excited to introduce our new feature: Prints, Gamma's fresh take on editions, enabling partner artists to create low-cost, recursive editions from a single high-resolution original.

Prints are digital collectibles created by the best artists on Bitcoin, leveraging recursive inscriptions, allowing artists to produce and share unique and exclusive pieces of digital artwork in a cost-effective way while maintaining high quality. By providing access to a diverse range of artists and their creations, Prints fosters a thriving community where art enthusiasts and collectors can easily discover and support their favorite artists. 

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How do Prints work?

While Prints share many characteristics of editions, our platform and immersive browsing experience are what set Prints apart. Imagine walking through an exhibit hall or art gallery and discovering a piece that you absolutely love. You may see the original painting on a wall, but it might be out of your budget. Luckily, the artist also offers physical prints, each individually numbered and unique in its own way, despite being one of a larger set. Prints work similarly.

Artists inscribe an initial art piece and choose to allow up to a set number of prints, each referencing the larger file of the initial inscription. With the recursive inscription process, artists can create digital artworks in a cost-effective manner without compromising on quality. The Prints platform also introduces an element of rarity and scarcity, akin to the limited edition prints offered in traditional art forms. 

Collectors can easily explore Prints available on the dedicated page. The interface allows for seamless navigation and a range of useful features, including filtering and sorting options. Collectors can switch between a grid view and an immersive view, and can easily purchase Prints in just a few clicks, adding high quality artwork to their digital collections. Prints can be part of an open edition or a limited edition, and cannot be traded on the secondary market — their availability becomes a matter of value and desirability, driving the collectors' enthusiasm to acquire them before they run out. 

We designed Prints to deprioritize the aspects of NFTs that many artists struggle with. Focus less on "having to sell out" or "shilling" to their community and more on simply creating the best art possible. We've built a completely bespoke discovery and exploration experience that allows us to mimic this real life experience of stumbling upon these hidden gems.

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