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As you view a collection on Gamma's marketplace, you will have the option to filter the NFTs within the collection, and/or sort them.

Filtering Options Available to Enhance the Browsing and Buying Experience

You can filter NFTs within a collection by availability, price and attributes.



Availability has simple options: All and For Sale or Listed.

  • All is the default setting, displaying all the NFTs in the collection
  • For sale displays only NFTs in the collection that are listed for sale on the marketplace



In the price section you'll see grey numbers. These are the current lowest and highest price in the collection.


You can input the low-end and high-end of the price range you wish to filter by for the listed NFTs in a particular collection. Note this is the STX amount the NFT is listed for. Click apply when you're ready.


If no NFTs match your criteria, you will see a message letting you know. Capture_d_e_cran_2022-08-24_a__13.14.41.png


Depending on the collection, Attributes will have different names. Some collections or types of NFTs such as 1/1s may not have any attributes (see previous screenshot).


If you're interested in a particular attribute, you can click the + on the right. This will show you the individual traits in that particular attribute. You can use the search bar or scroll down the list.


Clicking the box to the left of the trait will display all the NFTs that have this trait.

The percentage visible on the right-hand side shows which trait is rarer vs more common.  The smaller the percentage, the fewer of that trait in the whole collection.

As you select more and more attributes and filters, your search may become too specific. If you get this message, you can remove some of the filters by clicking the little cross next to them, in the right column. If you'd like to start over, you can simply click Clear all.



Sort by

Whether you have applied filters to a collection or not, you can use the Sort by button. You have several options which you can pair with filters, allowing you to quickly view for your tastes or price preferences. If a collection doesn't have attributes, therefore no rarity, the "Most rare" and "Least rare" options won't appear.


Please note at the time of writing, not all options are available for Ordinals. The team is hard a work to bring more and more features to our Ordinals marketplace!

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