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Creators now have the ability to launch Prints on Gamma: digital collectibles that leverage recursive inscriptions and allow artists to produce and share their work in a cost-effective way on Bitcoin. 


How do Prints work?

Each Print will reference the initial file you inscribed through recursive inscriptions. Since you're only inscribing one asset, you won't need to compromise on quality. You'll need to cover the cost of the initial inscription, and since it will be referenced by all the following Prints, make sure you're happy with its quality!  Collectors will then be able to discover Prints on a dedicated page, where they can filter and sort using various metrics. 


Apply for Prints creation

As a creator, you'll need to apply to the Gamma Partner Program to be able to use the Prints feature. In order to do so, fill out this form and the Gamma team will review your application.

If you're approved to become a Gamma Partner and prints creator, your Bitcoin address will be allow-listed, and you'll be able to use the feature. Partners will be able to create Prints up to twice a month.

Until your address is approved as a Gamma Partner, the option to create a print will be blurred out, and you'll also find the link to the form on this screen.

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Create a Print

You'll only be able to create Prints from pre-inscribed assets, so make sure the image you'd like to use is inscribed. If not, inscribe it following the steps described here. Again, make sure you're happy with the quality of your initial inscription, there's no going back!

You'll also need to authenticate. To do so, login with the wallet that holds the Ordinal you'd like to use for your Prints, and click "Account" in the hamburger menu. Then, Sign message.

Once the asset you'd like to use for your Prints collection is inscribed and confirmed, head over to "Create" in the menu and select "Sell digital Prints of one artwork".



Click continue and select an asset from those you've inscribed. 

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If the Ordinal you want to use isn't there, click on "I need to inscribe my artwork". 

If you're happy with your selection, click Continue. It's time to enter your details: Print name, description, the price you'd like to set (you can pick one of the pre-defined options or enter a custom amount), max mint per address if you wish.

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Note that the default view on the Prints discovery page will show Prints under $20, so setting your price below that threshold can increase your chances of selling. Setting a low price might feel a little intimidating at first, but we recommend you think of it as a whole. 

Make sure the receive address is the one you want to receive your proceeds on. It will default to the Bitcoin address of your connected wallet.

Click Continue. Now, you're ready to work on your settings. 

Set your Presale preference

You can continue without a presale or add one.

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If you'd like to add a presale, you have two options. You can either give access to holders of any of your prints, or to holders of one specific print you'll define.

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If you'd like it to be based on a specific print, enter its URL and click Add.

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With both options, you'll be able to decide if you want mintpasses assigned per collector or based on items owned. 

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If you'd like it based on items owned rather than per collector, choose between prints owned, or releases owned.

Suppose Joe owns 2 Red Prints and 2 Blue Prints which are mint pass eligible:
  • Per Print owned. Joe receives 4 mint passes
  • Per release owned. Joe receives 2 mint passes

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When you're satisfied with your settings, click Continue.


Customize your Print settings

You can set the Print to be unlimited or a limited edition and schedule a start and end time for your collection. This is optional, and you can go back later to your collection Manager page to add an end time if you haven't done it here. Check out this article for more information on how to manage your Prints collection.

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You can select the label typography style you think would suit your print best, as well as light or dark text. When you hover the Print preview on the right, you'll see what those styling options look like. 

Next up, select your tags. You can select between 3 and 5 tags. Start typing a word to see available tags. If you can't find something in particular, try typing a synonym instead.

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Review your print

When you're done, click Continue and review your Print.

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Well done! Once your creation process is complete and you've submitted your Print, the Gamma team will review your submission and enable minting. Please allow for up to 48 hours. Once your Print is approved, it will appear on the Print discovery page for collectors to find! 

As a print creator, you'll get a verified checkmark, and can update your display name! 

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